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The distinguishing factor between smoking and vaping is that while vaping can deliver nicotine through the considerably less harmless process of heating a liquid, smoking delivers nicotine by burning tobacco, which can result in smoking-related ailments. The two are as different as day and night.

In contrast to vapor, the smell of smoke permeates the room for a long time. Non-smokers and vapers can detect the cigarette smell in a closed space for hours after smoking a cigarette. But cigarette smokers may not be able to do so.

Although vapor clouds may be larger and disperse more slowly, being visible in a room for a long period, the smell will be considerably more pleasant and go away much more quickly.

Numerous compounds in cigarette smoke are proven carcinogens, and many more are dangerous to breathe in. Contrarily, everything found in e-liquid, as well as its vapor, is safe to ingest. Find all your vaping and smoking needs at our Milwaukee store. Huge inventory, friendly staff, and competitive prices. Stop by today!

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If i could give 6 stars i would! this is the best vape shop I've ever been to!!! like fr the guy selling the vapes i think his name is moi or something but he was super friendly and he helped me with everything i think i love him but anyways yeah get your vapes here
Alexandra Soriano
I love this shop!! It has such a wide selection of products, of all kinds for everyone and they are all valid. Also very amazing customer service from every single employee I have met, they make sure to help you find EXACTLY what you need!!
Nicholas Roberts